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In Gina Bishop on September 17, 2012 at 11:43 pm

When I heard a woman describe female sexuality as: “irresponsibility, lack of self-control, immorality” I sighed and thought…

and then took a deep long breath…
I don’t often allow myself to get “fired up” by the seemingly endless repression of sexuality in this country. Because, it is so commonplace… it is “the norm”… But, on this particular day… when I continued reading: “My advice for her is the same one my grandma gave me… “Keep your dress down and your legs closed!” I was ignited…

I guess this is what happens with suppressed desires….they manifest into walking, breathing, robots who assert: if my beliefs don’t allow me to explore the joy of sexual expression, by golly, neither will yours! And so on and so on… mother to daughter, grandmother to granddaughter, lawmaker after lawmaker…

Even now, I experience such mixed emotions when I sit with the reality that so many young girls have heard something similarly advised to them throughout there lives by “adults” and, have grown themselves into single-minded women, ready and willing to “advise”/insist/subject the same to the next generation of girls… What a fucking shame.

Whilst reading more of this womans opinion on how other women should be living, as well as a narrow minded take on planned parenthood being strictly an “abortion clinic”, I became even more perplexed by the world of so-called “grown-ups”. And then…I felt this sudden primal urge to tear my clothes off and run around like a girl-child in hopes of returning to a more primitive state of raw simplicity…

But, I skipped the naked part and instead… just threw my hands to the sky and asked: “How the hell did humans get here?”

I believe my response was felt primarily in a physiological way more so than anything else… it was a simple 5 step progression…

1. First I felt deeply offended,

2. which turned into rage,

3. followed by the recognition of the before mentioned emotions,

4. subsided with the feeling of joy…

5. And the conclusion of “Boy, do i feel blessed your grandma wasn’t my grandma!”

Ignorance is not bliss.


And just for the record I’ll be sure NOT to take YOUR grandmothers advice about “not spreading my legs” and instead… spread the notion my family has passed along to me… everyBODY is sacred, and instead of insisting we suppress our biological urges… encourage each to acknowledge that each- body is a temple…it belongs to “self”, and no-Body else. And so long as each is responsible, in a way that best aligns with their innate truth… they shall be supported, unconditionally.

Some feel an insistent calling to stand behind podiums proclaiming the ways in which others “should”: BE-have, re-ACT and Live… so be it.
But, as for me, I am in the business of loving… and therefore, I can’t possibly simultaneously love and condemn you. Nor, do I feel it an appropriate endeavor, on my part, seeing as you are your own person and I am my own. In fact, I feel the justification for such goes completely against the betterment of society as a whole.

Call me an “idealist”, but I’m not the only one. I choose LOVE, in all forms. And the reality of that choice has brought me the sensational experience of orgasmic bliss… (highly recommended)

and a hope for all fellow humans to awaken and embrace personal freedom, sexual expression and the sacredness of LOVE with whomever they choose to do so with… and however they see fit to do so…

I may not be a mother yet but, I am a daughter who knows that, when the day comes… I intend to:

Save the Judgement
And instead, Promote the education of Sexuality as a healthy natural expression of self:

Encouraging Love without Limits:

And then, one day, be the kind of grandmother that encourages her grandchildren to FEEL Something, Anything, NOw! To embrace, not hide from, the fact that WE ARE HUMAN and We were meant to EXPRESS and RELATE :

Always inspiring youth to Choose Happy, over bitter:

And instead of condemning, begin now by being so fulfilled that there is no space to criticize others:

And to my future daughter I say…When the eyes of judgment weigh heavy on your heart… Sit with yourself. Get a clear picture of who you are, what you stand for, what and why you choose to defend, live, and take on certain things… and reflect what you project:
Go within and you will never be without:

And then… master the art of nodding your head, like a “proper” girl, in compliance with the machine. Because, the point of it all comes down to one thing… we must uphold a dignified lady-like appearance for the onlookers. Because, clearly… any woman who had a mother that “Properly” loved her, encouraged her to learn how to “PROPERLY” love herself, share the joy of that with others, and then spread it like wildfire will understand… that she is not the one missing out!

Bliss is our birthright, go out and find yours, And start saying Thank you then and Share Something Worth Sharing with the world…

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