Little Gypsy Witch

The Traveler

There are a lot of people in this world with great desire to go places and do what they love. And, a lot more people who live in places that could really utilize you, sharing with them and, doing what you love to do. So, if you dream of going somewhere or dream of being something… Throw out the question of “how” it will happen. In fact, throw out any thought that goes against your vision of getting there and what you will be left with is the sheer will to make it happen. And, it will transform your life.



Gina Rizzo Bishop has an extensive background as both a performing artist and teacher. She has traveled the whole of the U.S. and abroad…  Her motivation for international travel was to bring dance & music to children in impoverished parts of the world. In hopes of bringing that dream to fruition, she started the blog “The Bohemian Bliss”, which enabled that dream to go public and the support that became of it was moving…

Her vision sparked the beginning of a journey where she would find herself teaching English and offering free dance classes in remote places. Gina’s international volunteer experience includes work with: “The Street Kids Project”at Sinethemba Youth Development Center and The Dorothy Broster Orphanage, in Knysna, South Africa (2010), Wat Kui Buri Elementary School, in Southern Thailand (2011) and extensive work in Indonesia with the children at The Robin Carlson Children’s Language Program, in Ubud, Candidasa and Lovina, Bali (2011-2012).

Teaching children and blogging her way through these experiences were great sources of personal and professional expansion. She continues to explore opportunities that deepen her connection to creativity. Gina has found a way to be of service by bringing what she loves to do to children, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to get involved in the Performing Arts. She knows all children deserve the chance to sing and dance and hopes to inspire others to put their intentions out there and continue dreaming of places that could benefit from their unique presence and creative skill set.


I am ready for my next adventure…


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