Little Gypsy Witch


I have always found it easiest to express myself poetically. From the time I could write, I was writing some sort-of-my-own version of poetry. In over a dozen journals, I’ve kept record of my life experiences and, most of them are strewn with short-hand. The pages acting as a canvas to my inner poet. My words have always spoken to me in great detail and depth, long after I write them on paper- They have been my compass and road map, since- forever. Throughout the course of 2011, living in Asia, I wrote over 100 poems. And now, I see it as a true privilege to start sharing them with other eyes, hearts and open-minds…

A note to “the poets”,

my verses may go askew,

like my thoughts-at times.

forgive me, for –

meter disrupted,
punctuation constructed.

I take liberty in long-winded stanzas


write to expel, not to sell.

My vocabulary coerced,

by infinite depths.

And, if those depths speak to me,

and me alone,

so be it.

I surrender,

The Soliloquies of a Gypsy Heart.



Be-Loved., December 9, 2012

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love is all we need., March 20, 2012

Grey Matter, November 1, 2011

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I won’t grow up”, October 17, 2011

A Unit., September 29, 2011

Recognize your Temple., September 13, 2011

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