Little Gypsy Witch

The Gypsy

GRB 16

I can not predict the person I will be tomorrow – don’t expect me to try.
I can hardly explain the person I am right now.
And what fun would it be?
To, Be-
if being weren’t besought?
All I can do is hold my-self,
in a state of hope.
And you,
in a space of endless,
Knowing, love-
That “All”, that I Am,
all that I could be,
is all that you are-
and all that you could be.
what we seek, in self
we seek, to share.
and whether we be,
aware of who we are-
or asking:
are we who we think?
the possibility,
to be,
is always a possibility.
if we can accept:
the me, with the you.
As the person I see,
as me,
and the You,
I think of as “them”,
may-be –
nowhere in sight,
Yet, always-
And in that always-
“We are”, And…
I am, limitless.

Full of Wander

The Flowering of a Gypsy

“Welcome Back”, sounded the Concrete Jungle, “You’ve tramped far and wide- but, not I- I have remained strong and, once again we reunite. So I say, Speak Now or Forever- Hold your Peace.”

The reverent Gypsy simply smiled in remembrance of the place she had been…  It was Lush, Green and totally in her mind. 

Just then, The Gypsy began to dance… Joy-Fully.

 Bewildered, the Concrete Jungle persisted to know…
“To which will you surrender? The Here or There?”
Child-like the Darling Gypsy sang:  “Perhaps it means… I’m a Nincompoop, You’re a Nincompoop!”, all the while self-affirming: I’m an Einstein, You’re an Einstein and only each can determine, right NOW, how we will shit alongside each other: intelli-Gently and grace-Fully or with Dis-ease and Dis-comfort… (???)

The assiduous concrete jungle would hear nothing of the sort and it merely echoed its original sentiment… “Speak Now, Or Forever- Hold Your Peace”.

Closing both her lids, the Gypsy knew that two parts of One Whole, can never truly be defined as- separable. If they are No-where… they are, also, Every-where- Together.

And so…
the Darling Delicately removed her shoes,
picked a flower blossom from the ground and,
in offering it back to the Jungle, sat in silence.
Right tHERE, Holding her Peace.


Please stay tuned for more, I am a work in progress and so is my blog…



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